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Black Dog Syndrome

Black Dog Syndrome

Have you ever heard of the “Black Dog Syndrome” in relation to dog shelters? Well, its a sad fact that the majority of dogs in shelters that are black unfortunately get left behind or euthanised simply because of their colour…..for example, if there was a golden Lab and a black lab needing rehoming unfortunately the majority of the time the golden lab is chosen over the black lab. There is this ridiculous perception that black is somehow, dangerous and menacing so therefore they are just not chosen over the lighter coloured dogs. I own a beautiful black Greyhound that not only has a beautiful nature but I love his gorgeous glossy black coat. Come on people lets stop with this colour bias and just adopt a dog that needs a loving home.


Do you know that dogs sleep around 13 hours a day?

Do you know that dogs sleep around 13 hours a day?

Do you know that dogs sleep around 13 hours a day? Now you do, and Carolyn Bilzon definitely does, which is why she launched Frank and Arlo. Carolyn spent five years running a dog daycare biz before she decided to research and create beds designed for maximum snooze. It took two years of prototyping, sourcing the best materials (leather from New Zealand, Merino sheep wool, memory foam), and collaborating with local Melbourne leather workers to create the ‘Meko’ range. Its oval shape curves to a dog’s sleeping position and the base of the bed features three layers of high-density foam. The winning ingredient? A sheepskin interior: “Not only is it a beautiful natural material next to their skin, particularly sensitive skin,” Carolyn explains, “it’s easy to clean, fully washable, and it can also be vacuumed, just like a wool rug”

Why Frank and Arlo?

The label is inspired by three very special dogs: Carolyn’s English cocker spaniel, Ebony (who first started snoozing on sheepskin, prompting the idea), a boxer called Frank, and a border collie named Arlo. The latter were such affectionate pals at daycare that Carolyn immortalised their names in both the beds and wider range of luxury dog products, sourced from around the world.



Why Frank & Arlo beds are more supportive and durable than any other

Why Frank & Arlo beds are more supportive and durable than any other

Why Frank & Arlo beds are more supportive and durable than any other

We’re the first to admit that Frank & Arlo dog beds look beautiful. Stunning even. However, did you know that they’re designed with practicality in mind too? Yes, our stylish dog beds also give superior support to your dog’s body, keep them comfortable regardless of the temperature and will last a lifetime. Read on…


Why a luxury dog bed?

Have you ever purchased a mattress from a bed store? If you have, you’ll know that it’s bamboozling; so much choice from memory foam to comfort layers, toppers and bells and whistles but all with one aim – to provide comfort, to support your body and joints and help you get the best night’s sleep. It’s the same with Frank & Arlo’s dog beds.

When Carolyn came up with the idea for a luxury dog bed, she had spent years going through dog beds like they were going out of fashion: they fell apart, were smelly, looked ugly and to add insult to injury, her dogs preferred to sleep on her sheepskin rug.

It’s fortunate that when it came to prototyping Frank & Arlo beds, Carolyn had input from her four-legged assistants Percy and Ebony plus the dogs she had grown to love through her work as an industry pro. They (the dogs, that is) all told her the same thing: they wanted a bed that was supportive, comfortable and yes, a little indulgent too. ‘Why?’ they asked her, ‘can’t we have a bed as comfy as yours?’


Why dogs need support for their bones and joints

What Carolyn discovered was that Ebony, Percy and pals appreciated an Orthopedic dog bed that supported their joints and bones. Moreover, it wasn’t just the older dogs with arthritis or the ones carrying a few extra kgs that relished the extra indulgence. Even teenage, zoomie-loving dogs preferred a bed that was soft yet supportive.


The other benefits of a luxury dog bed

Of course, a luxury dog bed also gives pooches their own secure space. On top of this the materials in the bed help to stabilise body temperature. We don’t know about you, but we don’t think it can be much fun having to pant all day long. That’s why Frank & Arlo beds feature pure and natural materials such as leather, sheepskin and Merino wool – they help animals to regulate heat, keeping them cool in the summer and warm and cosy in winter.


And, of course, there’s the small matter that they look the part. What dog wouldn’t be proud to show off their Frank & Arlo bed to Mitzi from next door or park pal Rupert? As they’re incredibly durable, they spring back to shape, and as they’re washable, they will last Duke and Dusty skipping through the years from playful teen to slow and not so steady old pal.


What makes Frank & Arlo dog beds so supportive and luxurious?

  • Highest quality and ethically sourced Australasian products
  • A-Grade Australian Merino sheep wool
  • New Zealand upholstery leather
  • High-density foam
  • Memory foam
  • Proudly made in Melbourne, Australia
  • All materials sourced from ethical suppliers

Does your dog deserve the best? To find out more about Frank & Arlo luxury dog beds CLICK HERE