Do you know that dogs sleep around 13 hours a day?

Do you know that dogs sleep around 13 hours a day? Now you do, and Carolyn Bilzon definitely does, which is why she launched Frank and Arlo. Carolyn spent five years running a dog daycare biz before she decided to research and create beds designed for maximum snooze. It took two years of prototyping, sourcing the best materials (leather from New Zealand, Merino sheep wool, memory foam), and collaborating with local Melbourne leather workers to create the ‘Meko’ range. Its oval shape curves to a dog’s sleeping position and the base of the bed features three layers of high-density foam. The winning ingredient? A sheepskin interior: “Not only is it a beautiful natural material next to their skin, particularly sensitive skin,” Carolyn explains, “it’s easy to clean, fully washable, and it can also be vacuumed, just like a wool rug”

Why Frank and Arlo?

The label is inspired by three very special dogs: Carolyn’s English cocker spaniel, Ebony (who first started snoozing on sheepskin, prompting the idea), a boxer called Frank, and a border collie named Arlo. The latter were such affectionate pals at daycare that Carolyn immortalised their names in both the beds and wider range of luxury dog products, sourced from around the world.