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10 reasons why choosing a quality dog bed is so important

10 reasons why choosing a quality dog bed is so important

Looking for a bed that is fit for your dog? Should it be a dog bed with sides? The most beautiful dog bed Melbourne has to offer? Or, one that’s good for their joints and bones? How about all of these and more? Here are the Top 10 reasons why a luxury dog bed is worth every penny.


  1. Good for their joints and bones (keep them walkies fit and ready)

Dogs are like us, as we age our joints can become stiff, and our bones are more susceptible to damage. A luxury dog bed, in particular, an orthopaedic dog bed, will support a dog’s body weight creating an inviting and comforting haven to rest their weary limbs and nodding heads.


  1. Helps to regulate temperature (and we know your dog is already cool)

Our weather is changeable, so you need a luxury dog bed that will cope with all types of temperatures. Fortunately, Frank & Arlo dog beds include pure and natural materials that are adaptable to different conditions. For instance, the sheepskin cools in summer but also keeps in warmth in the winter. The leather casing also forms a protective shield around the dog and elevates them from a cold or hot floor.


  1. Keeps smells at bay (nose, thank you)

There’s nothing worse than a stinky dog bed. Wet fur, mucky paws and … (let’s not go there). Choose a dog bed like ours that is washable and can withstand a good going over by your Dyson and bounce back as good as new, each time. We’ve already raved about how sheepskin is a fantastic temperature regulator, but it and Merino wool also have antimicrobial properties which eliminate odour, meaning you won’t have to wash the inner cushion as often as you would beds made from human-made materials.


  1. Hair stays in one place (and not on your clothes)

You know the situation, you go out to dinner and glance down at your pants and notice, with horror, they are super hairy. Not your best look. If, however, you buy a luxury bed, one that Dillon will want to use, there’ll be less hair on your upholstery and therefore, on you!


  1. A place of their own (and not in your bed)

You have a house, a room and your bed, does your dog? Chances are no to the first two but buying them a luxury bed is easy. A quality dog bed means Coco has her own space, where she can feel safe, relaxed and potter off to whenever she feels like it.


  1. Bespoke to their size (not one size fits all)

Quality dog beds do not come in ‘one size fits all’. Think Great Dane and a Moodle. Our beds come in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large with all measurements displayed so that you can work out which will be the best fit for your dog.


  1. A Dog bed with sides (support all round)

There’s so much choice on the market; you may be confused as to whether your dog needs a dog bed with sides. The sides on a bed are multipurpose. Firstly, they give the dog a form of protection, allowing them to settle and feel secure. Secondly, a dog bed with sides enables the dog to stretch out or curl up without falling out.


  1. It’s a piece of home décor (not eyesore)

It’s a rare thing to find a dog bed that you’re proud to show alongside your designer sofa and carpets. However, a Frank & Arlo dog bed is such a thing. When Carolyn designed her bed one of the thoughts (after those of her dogs) was that it needed to look worthy of a place in her home. While your run-of-the-mill dog beds look tatty and lose their shape, a Frank & Arlo bed is something of a statement. With a cute sleepy dog inside them, they look even better!


  1. Choice of colours (get out that colour wheel)

Dogs don’t come in one colour, and neither do our beds. With a range of four colours (black, charcoal, chocolate and sand) you can choose a bed that matches or clashes with your dog and décor. It’s the small touches that sometimes make the difference….


  1. A combination of all the above (yes, it exists)…

You can often find a dog bed that has a few of the points above but not all. Until that is, you meet Meko, Frank & Arlo’s luxury dog bed. Yes, it ticks all the boxes above and more.


Frank & Arlo – for dogs who deserve the best

How to choose the best quality dog bed

How to choose the best quality dog bed

How many times have you thought how much easier (and fun) life would be if your dog could talk? They’d be able to tell you all sorts of things such as, who is their favourite human (although you’ve got a fair idea), why they like your socks so much and, what type of bed they’d like.


Carolyn, Frank & Arlo’s creator, designer and possibly the world’s biggest dog lover is as close as we’ll ever get to being able to speak ‘dog’. A proud dog owner with 15 years working in the canine industry (owner of two doggy daycares, a qualified dog trainer and dog groomer), she knows a thing or two about what dogs like and don’t like when it comes to choosing the right dog bed.


Her insights into ‘all things dog’ shaped her designs for Frank & Arlo’s quality dog beds. Take a look and see what you should look out for when choosing a quality dog bed.


  1. Choose a bed that supports your dog’s joints and bones

A quality dog bed is the same as a human’s bed – layers of comfortable wool padding and foam. Orthopaedic dog beds are designed to support a dog’s joints and bones so that they are cushioned and protected while they rest and sleep. Low-cost options are often poorly made and thin, which means they give little (if any) support to a dog’s body and can leave them feeling uncomfortable, sore and stiff.


  1. Choose a bed that can keep your dog cool/warm

How many dog beds on the market look warm and comfy? Lots. However, what happens when it’s 40+ degrees outside? Made of natural materials including leather, sheepskin and Merino wool, our beds help a dog to regulate their temperature. As nature’s miracle ingredient, wool dog beds are perfect for wicking away heat and drawing it from the body. When it’s cold outside, the wool traps the heat adding extra warmth when required.


  1. Choose a bed that you love too

One of Carolyn’s key bugbears was that, despite her best efforts, she couldn’t find a dog bed that both she and her dogs loved. All too often, a store-bought bed was a tatty, mishappen blob after just a few weeks of use. Instead, she wanted a quality bed that was fit for her beloved dogs, but that also looked fantastic in her home. Until Frank & Arlo, there was a cavernous gap in the market for a dog bed that looked ‘designer,’ yet was made with an unwavering dedication to the comfort and happiness of our four-legged pals.


  1. Choose a bed that you can wash

It seems a simple request, but often dog beds cannot be laundered, or when they are, they lose their shape, colour and texture. A quality dog bed will handle washing and even a session with the Dyson. A quality dog bed will wash well and look, smell and feel as good as new. Carolyn’s dog Percy has road-tested his Meko bed for years, and it still looks as good as the day he chose it and took it home.


  1. Choose a bed that will last

Durability is a crucial word for Frank & Arlo (along with ethical and natural). We don’t want to put more rubbish into landfill, and we certainly don’t want to encourage the ‘throwaway’ culture. A durable dog bed will last a dog’s lifetime, seeing them through the teenage years to adulthood and old age. Choosing a luxury dog bed made of the highest quality materials, sewn by hand and perfected by skilled crafters makes all the difference. Just ask your dog!


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