Frank & Arlo Sheepskin Dog Beds

Behind every great dog product is a dog owner with a passion to give our dogs a better life. Frank & Arlo’s bespoke quality dog beds are a case in point. When Carolyn Bilzon struggled to find a bed that was suitably comfortable, of high quality, looked great in our homes and worthy of such well-loved companions, it led her on a journey.

Two years of designing, prototyping and sourcing the best materials later, she had created a dog bed that speaks of her love for canines.

Her adventure saw her track down the best craftspersons and design talent to produce a bed that is fitting for the dog, the owner and their stylish home.

The result? Handcrafted, bespoke beds that are as pleasing to your dog as they are to the eye.


About Carolyn

Carolyn is foremost a dog lover and secondly, the creator behind Frank & Arlo dog beds. A devoted dog owner and passionate rescue dog advocate Carolyn Bilzon has lived and breathed everything canine for over 15 years. For Carolyn, there’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing dog and owner interacting, connecting and drawing out the best in each other. It’s this unique and selfless partnership that is at the heart of Frank & Arlo.

After selling her beloved DOGS HQ Dog Daycare centre in 2016, Carolyn was very keen to make her luxury dog bed dream a reality. Carolyn’s concept for quality dog beds was brought about by her two dogs Percy and Ebony. A bit like Goldilocks, Carolyn and her dogs found that the dog beds on the market were either: unattractive, poorly made or uncomfortable (often all three).

Carolyn undertook a two-year research project, designing and prototyping beds, searching for specialised ethical suppliers and skilled craftspeople to create the ultimate, luxurious dog bed from highest quality materials. The result? The Frank & Arlo bed – bespoke to each dog, the ultimate in comfort and so attractive they are a piece of home décor you would be proud to display.